Gallery Crawl


Those of us who braved the snowy Chicago streets to go to openings last night were greatly rewarded with good drinks, conversation and of course art. Fortunately for those of us who hate figuring out where to go and what to see there are a few new local resources that provide us with all that we need to know. My friend and fellow photog, Stephanie Burke has been religiously sending out weekly mass emails keeping us up to date on her favorite picks for the evening. Now that she has started her blog, The Gallery Crawl and So Much More everyone can experience her charm. Add to this the events calendar on Proximity magazine‘s website and there is no longer an excuse for missing out on all that our city has to offer.

Some of the highlights from last night’s adventures included seeing new work from a few friends. Be sure to check out Shane Huffman’s new photograms currently part of the group show, of or relating to the sky or visible heavens at Western Exhibitions.

“Shane Huffman’s new large horizontal photograph is of a picture taken by the Hubble Telescope, overlaid by washes of semen and menstrual blood. His new photo series of images of the Moon, titled “Drawing Down the Moon”, are made by “drawing” with a camera lens on undeveloped photo paper outdoors in the dark of night.”

Don’t miss Jason Lazarus’ new work (which includes the great take away in the above photo) at Heaven Gallery in the group show try harder.

“The nonprofit Harold Arts challenged four artists—Jason Lazarus, Brian McNearney, David Moré and Montgomery Perry Smith—to spend a week at Heaven Gallery creating these works, which respond to previous participants’ contributions.”

And hopefully you were able to partake in the fun times provided by the Old Gold gallery in Logan Square. Where the crowd was happily enjoying the variety of home brews by two local craftsmen (I will have to figure out who they were so I can give them due credit) and Tank Traps and Hijackings, the installation of sculpture and prints by Kendrick Shackleford. It is great to see how Caleb Lyons, (who co-founded of the apartment gallery Art Ledge along with my fellow UIC grad Brandon Alvendia), continues to provide a space that brings everyone together.


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