Paintings, paintings and more paintings


Even with a temperature low of -17°F last night’s gallery scene was as crowded as any other. I was able to hop around and maneuver myself through a few spaces. The highlights included Adam Grossi‘s paintings (shown below) in The Unconventional Collage Show at the new 360see gallery. It is nice to see that UIC is still producing great artists. Suspend, the group exhibition paintings at Roots and Culture with Michelle Bolinger, Clare Grill, Stacie Johnson, Aliza Morell, and Kimberly Trowbridge is not to be missed. I also enjoyed the intimate video screening at Normal Projects where I was able to revisit the works of Greg Stimac and Jesse Avina. The evening then ended (as it so often does) down at the Co-Prosperity Sphere where fun times are always had.

Adam Grossi, Neighborhood Watch, 5/2008, acrylic and collage on canvas over panel

Adam Grossi, Rich Ground 1, 12/2008, acrylic and collage on wood panel


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