Curtis Mann’s 12×12


Curtis Mann, loudspeaker (Beirut), 2007

I had the pleasure of working with Curtis Mann back in 2006 at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and he is not only a great guy but also a great artist. Check out his latest solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art – Chicago. It is part of the museum’s UBS 12×12 series and runs thoughout February. The opening celebration is today, Friday, February 6 from 6-10 pm and is part of their First Friday events. He will also lead a gallery talk on his work on Tuesday, February 17, 2009, 6:30 pm.

“Curtis Mann appropriates and manipulates found photographs to create new photographs. After re-shooting and enlarging the found image, he then physically erases portions of it through a bleaching process so that only faint traces of the original remain, replaced with an ambiguous emptiness. Other portions are painted with a varnish to resist the bleach and are left intact. Through this subtractive and additive process, Mann expands the boundaries of the medium of photography, while at the same time reflects on the fragility of the photographic image as a source of information. Curtis Mann received his MFA in Photography from Columbia College, Chicago, in 2008.”


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