PhotoDimensional at the MoCP


Florian Slotawa, Hotel Europa, Prag, Zimmer 402, Nacht zum 8. Juni 1998

PhotoDimensional features work by John Coplans, Katalin Deér, Leslie Hewitt, Bettina Hoffmann, Pello Irazu, David Ireland, Melinda McDaniel, Heather Mekkelson, Laurent Millet, Vik Muniz, Susana Reisman, Lorna Simpson, and Florian Slotawa.

“PhotoDimensional is an exhibition of works by contemporary artists who investigate the relationship between sculpture and photography, between two and three dimensions, and explore perceptual issues intrinsic to those relationships. Their works resist the notion that the world simply gets folded into the two-dimensional surface of the photograph. As a result, their works are almost always layered, with subjects translated in ways that invite us to imagine passing from the experience of one dimension to another, and sometimes back again. Thus, perceiving their works provokes feelings of unsettledness, a wavering between seeing and knowing in our minds, a tension that becomes an engaging condition of their artwork.”- Karen Irvine, Curator

There are several events tonight at the Museum of Contemporary Photography worth checking out. Located at 600 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605 the MoCP is free and open to the public.

Artists’ Talk: Tonight at 4pm with Katalin Deér, Bettina Hoffmann, Melinda McDaniel and  Susana Reisman. Prior to the opening reception of PhotoDimensional, artists discuss their work on view.

PhotoDimensional Opening Reception: Tonight from 5:00 – 7:00pm.

Terry Evans Lecture: Tonight at 6:30pm in the recently opened Columbia College building located at 618 S. Michigan Avenue in the second floor lecture hall. The lecture is free to the general public.

Terry Evans, Lake Michigan Beach and Dogs, Chicago, July 23, 2003


One Response to “PhotoDimensional at the MoCP”

  1. April 8, 4pm @ MoCP

    Artist Heather Mekkelson discusses the installation she created for PhotoDimensional of objects inspired by disaster photographs, and German artist Florian Slotawa discusses his interventions in common spaces such as his sculptural arrangements of furniture in hotel rooms, documented through photography.

    MoCP | 600 S. Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60605 | 312.663.5554 |

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