What to do on V-day


Swimming Pool Project Space
2858 W. Montrose, Chicago
Opening Reception: 6-10pm
Including work by Richard Rezac + Julia Fish; Kevin Kaempf + Michael Thomas; Michelle Bolinger + Todd Simeone.

“An exhibition that explores the work of artists in romantic relationships with other artists. These are artists couples who don’t normally collaborate with one another but their independent practices have been in dialogue for some time. Three artist couples have been chosen to either collaborate on a new piece or juxtapose a pairing of works. The Exhibition is organized by Stacie Johnson.”

Mathew Paul Jinks

The Queen’s Tailor: a solo-show by Mathew Paul Jinks
The Green Lantern Gallery
1511 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Second Floor, Chicago
Opening Reception: 7-10 pm

“Mathew Paul Jinks is an English artist based in Chicago. His work explores the shifting structures of belief, memory and loss. In all his work Mathew performs the role of conduit and compass, seeking and translating the unstable, internal spaces of memory to the similarly imperfect space of the physical world, and back again.

Jinks works in sculpture, sound, video and performance. In his new video work for Green Lantern, he re-enacts scenes from the Ealing Studio’s film The Man In The White Suit. The misplaced aspirations of an eccentric English inventor are played out in a context shifted from postcolonial 1950s England to Chicago’s contemporary Indian/Pakistani community, exploring the displacements and potentials of a hybrid, rewritten Diaspora in Chicago.

The politics of power and labor that are at play in the original are transposed into the roles of the Witness, Sage, and Enactor within this contemporary re-imagining. Core themes of blind altruism and the reactionary suppression of radical invention alongside a current space of postcolonial fantasy are supplanted from England to Chicago. Mathew combines the shifting roles of national identity with his own English autobiography to explore the construction of nationhood and the self.”

New Acquisitions from the Video Data Bank
Roots and Culture
1034 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago
Screening: 8-11pm
Including work by Nicolas Provost, Jennet Thomas, Semiconductor, Jem Cohen, Caspar Stracke, Rebecca Baron & Doug Goodwin, and Tara Mateik.


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