The End of Analog


The End of Analog

The End of Analog
Roots & Culture
1043 N Milwaukee Ave.

The conclusion of analog television broadcasting in the U.S. can be understood as heralding the arrival of the digital era.  The End of Analog is an exhibition that marks this historic transition with an exploration of technology’s shifting significance on our culture, as well as on individuals. The move from analog to digital opens up a space of uncertainty regarding the status of physical objects and bodies, leading us to ask: What is materiality in the digital age?  The artists in this show prefigure the post-analog landscape, creating objects and images that explore this looming question from multiple angles.

Featuring Alexander Stewart + George Monteleone, Robert Snowden + Carson Salter, Todd Simeone, Jon Satrom, Rebecca Gordon, Brandon Alvendia

Curated by Eric Fleischauer

An online publication will accompany the exhibition:
With contributions from Anthony Elms, Teresa Foley, Jonathan Miller, Jennifer Montgomery, Steve Reinke, and Ben Russell

Opening Friday February 20th   6 – 9pm
on view through March 21st
Gallery Hours Thu + Fri  4 – 7pm, Sat 12 – 6pm


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