Version>09 Immodest Proposals



This Sunday I was able to attend a great meeting for Version>09 Immodest Proposals (April 24-May 2, 2009) down in Bridgeport at The Co-Prosperity Sphere (C-PS). “Version is an annual springtime convergence that brings together hundreds of artists, musicians, and educators from around the world to present some of the most challenging ideas and progressive art initiatives of our day. The eleven day festival showcases emerging trends in art, technology and music.”

I saw some old friends, made so new ones, ate great Thai food and drank some good home brew. But most importantly I got really excited about this year’s Chicago festival and all the great opportunities available for local artists. Missed the meeting? No worries you still have time to submit your proposal for one or more of the many events that will take place this spring.

Deadline for submissions is March 7, 2009

Information and guidelines for submitting projects are at:

Version festival presents a diverse program of activities and this year’s exhibitions and programs include:
– Free University
– Live Musical Performances
– Performance/ Interventions/ Mobile Projects
– Web Selections
– A Catalog of Proposals
– the NFO XPO
– Version Group Exhibition
– Curatorial Projects
– Underground Multiplex (Film/Video)
– The Other
– Special Projects:
+ Codename; Progressive Chicago Design Network
+ The Chicago Art Parade
+ Codename: WPA Bridgeport Project 1
+ Shelter Corps

Check out their blog at to stay up to date on deadlines and events.

Inquiries and contact:


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    Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

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