Rick Gribenas


“Humanity is existing as an emotive being.

Humanity is imperfection, blips, forgetfulness, fullness,
and unexpected reaction.

Humanity is existing through the senses and understanding
our environment with those senses.

Where is a safe place for everything we think and feel?

This book posits hope for finding and creating those safe places.

We must be lofty and emotional; there must be risk if systems are to be shifted and rearranged.

It is necessary to transmit and receive.”

– Rick Gribenas, Excerpt from Participatory Autonomy, A Call to Participate, 2006

Today I learned the sad news that a great friend and artists, Rick Gribenas passed away. Rick changed everyone who met him and showed us all how to live our lives to the fullest. I will miss him greatly.

Thanks to Mathew Paul Jinks for posting this ballad by Todd Mattei + Rick Gribenas, Suite No. 2 Ballad, from The Margin Suites.


4 Responses to “Rick Gribenas”

  1. For those of you who don’t know (and those who do), our dear friend Rick Gribenas passed away this week after another long battle with cancer. He will be sorely, sorely missed.

    There is a service in Pittsburgh on Saturday for those who can make it, but for those in Chicago who can’t make it out, we’ll be having an informal memorial gathering at Heaven Gallery this Friday.

    Heaven Gallery
    1550 N. Milwaukee Second Floor
    Friday March 20th, 6-8pm

    In lieu of a formal eulogy (though your words are more than welcome) we’re asking each person to please bring an object, photo, sound, or memory that reminds you of Rick. I’m also going to ask that this be a potluck, so we can eat, talk, and spend some quality time remembering Rick. If you don’t have a dish to share, though, just bring yourself.

    Please pass along the info to anyone who might be interested in attending.

    -via Brieanne + Christa

  2. Dear Friends of Rick’s,

    I was privileged to spend a day with Rick shortly before he died, one of his last good days it turns out. A typical Rick encounter. He fixed my speaker and taught my 11 year old son how to solder. Typical generous Rick – I will miss him.

    There is a story about this day on my blog – blog.vinylrecordarchitect.com.


    Paul Rosenblatt

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