Check out the Version>09 group on Flickr to see more images from the festival.


There was a lot to see yesterday down in Bridgeport. If you missed it be sure to go down today and catch all the events and programs for Version>09 down at The Benton House complex, 3052 S Gratten Avenue
1pm to midnight • $7 adults $3 Children

There was quite a turn out for last night’s festivities at Version>09. If you missed out on the fun there are still 8 more days of art filled events to see. This weekend’s main events take place at The Benton House complex. So get on down to Bridgeport and see what everyone is talking about.

The NFO XPO, Shelter Corps, & Free University
The Benton House complex, 3052 S Gratten Avenue (Map)
1pm to 8pm • $7 adults / $3 Children ($10/$5 for 2 day pass)

“Off a small public park in Bridgeport is a 100-year-old community center complex named the Benton House. It is there on Saturday and Sunday that Version kicks off an ambitious program that includes our annual art fair platform; the NFO XPO; a temporary structures project called Shelter Corps; The Free University; guided tours; and a guest exhibition curated by
Jeriah Hildwine.

Today’s program is massive. It opens early at the The Benton House complex and Gymnasium and ends late at the Co-Prosperity Sphere. In between and during these times and places is a fantastic parallel program coordinated and presented by Material Exchange at the Experimental Station and Back Story Cafe.”

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As you explore the Version>09 Festival be sure to look out for the Bridgeport WPA poster collection posted around the area in unexpected locations. I just got back from the opening night and am looking forward to the next 9 days of fun.

Bridgeport WPA
Opening Thursday April 23rd, 5-10 pm
Zhou B. Center
1029 West 35th Street, Chicago, IL

The Audacity of Art
(Version 09: Immodest Proposals Group Show) / Happening
Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S Morgan St (Map)
7 pm – 2am
$7 and receive a copy of (Con)Temporary Art Guide Chicago
(or give $12 and you receive issue #004 of Proximity Magazine)

“The Audacity of Art Freed from contextual, budgetary or practical constraints, the overtures and projects in this exhibition reveal big plans, dream projects and immodest proposals through the creation of interactive installations, project documentation, models, sculpture and conceptual art.

This opening of the exhibition also features a live art performance program, music, our annual Korean Polish Bar B Q and the release of Proximity magazine issue 004 and the (Con)Temporary Art Guide Chicago. Come early for the Korean polish Bar B Q.

The exhibition runs through May 15, 2009 during Version events and by appointment. Contact Edmarlumpen(@)gmail to make an appointment.

The exhibition features work by : Michael T Rea, H. Mathis, Daan Sampson, Charles Vinz and Ilana Percher, Ken Camden, Thunderhorse, Benjamin Fumke, Tyler Burke, Chris Smith and Joseph Cornell, Jeremy Tubbs, Amanda Walters, Tom Burtonwood, Aron Gent, Beth Wiedner and Jim Duignan (the Stockyard Institute), Marissa Perel, Chelsea Culp, Ed Marszewski, Rachael Marszewski, Nat Ward, Cody Hudson, Nick Bahr, Kristina Schopper, Matthew Dunn, Eileen Cohen (Poof), Chris Harris, Shannon Beal, Ellen Schneiderman, Kristin Reger,Sara Weis, Shelter Corps, Cole Robertson, Molly Roth, Natasha Newman-Thomas and Ruth Guca, JT Rogstad, and others.”

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Be sure to pick up your copy of the (Con)Temporary Art Guide Chicago which is available at all the Version events. I picked up my copy last night and Plural really out did themselves with this publication.


VERSION>09 IMMODEST PROPOSALS :: April 23 to May 2, 2009

An art parade, temporary housing structures, independent contemporary art space networking, one day only exhibition formats, video sweat lodges, an artist run art fair, a reincarnation of the depression era Public Works of Art Project, a social networked free public school, impressive musical performances, boring theoretical nonsense, the revamping of a local community center, mapping projects, a design agency for social movements, and korean polish bar-b-qing are just a few of the projects and phenomena we will present during Version>09 : Immodest Proposals.

From April 23-May2 (for 10 days), we are gathering to celebrate, identify, and discuss our Immodest Proposals to change and improve our social, political and cultural ecologies. Version>09 will showcase emerging, progressive trends in art, politics, technology and music. We’ll gather and see how our peers live and work in a rebooted 21st century.

Join us for the opening of Version>09 this Thursday night!

DisORIENTATION Day / Bridgeport WPA / Backstory Supper Club
Zhou B. Center 1029 W. 35th Street
Hours: 5 pm – 10pm • Free!

While you are there be sure to pick up a copy of the (Con)Temporary Art Guide / Chicago before they are all gone! I worked with Plural, documenting the different galleries around town for the visual aspects of the guide and I cannot wait to see it in print.

“The (Con)Temporary Art Guide is a map of the city showcasing some of Chicago’s best cultural offerings during the spring art season. The floorplans are made up by prominent art institutes and initiatives, several annual art festivals and fairs, independent art spaces and other culturally significant projects.

We created the Guide to help us experience the city as a space for contemporary art, to reflect on the need and vulnerability of these cultural presentations and to celebrate art: day and night, inside and outside, high and low.

The Guide is dived into texts, maps, directories, event calendars, The Artropolis program, and the Version 09 Festival program. We believe by merely documenting the breadth and scale of Chicago’s cultural offerings once a year that will confirm how incredibly diverse our art world is and reinforces how lucky we are to be based in it.

But the Guide is not just about tooting our collective horn. We have asked a few prominent cultural figures to give us a brief analysis of the health of our contemporary art scenes. Paul Klein, Shannon Stratton, Daniel Gunn, Duncan MacKenzie, Albert Stabler and Paul Morris reflect on different aspects of our cultural ecology to give you an insiders perspective.

We also created a few routes we hope you will use to experience the regional and conceptual diversity of the spaces and places that showcase and facilitate contemporary art practice in Chicago.

The Guide is a project of Proximity Magazine and is published by the Public Media Institute, a non-profit community-based grass roots arts and culture organization.

We hope you find a good use for it.”

Ed and Rachael Marszewski

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Extra Golden

Icy Demons leave for Europe this Wednesday on a massive 5-week euro-tour, tonight:

Extra Golden with Icy Demons
April 20, 9:30pm
at Empty Bottle

Representing the unlikely collision of D.C. scenesters and Kenyan musicians, EXTRA GOLDEN is an international force for good feelings, good music and good times. Marrying bluesy slide guitar, “96 Tears” organ runs with drums and percussion tripping over each other in a vibrant shuffle, this is international party time music. After a dancing-in-the-heat set at last years’ Pitchfork Fest, EXTRA GOLDEN are touring behind last month’s Thrill Jockey release Thank You Very Quickly, leaving a wake of inexplicably smiling people as they cross America. Gifted experimental ensemble ICY DEMONS will also perform their “epic journey into the nether regions of pop music, hallucinatory chamber jazz, and mid-seventies German-style electronics.” Featuring members of BABLICON, MICHAEL COLUMBIA and NEED NEW BODY, the band will open gearing up for a string of shows this May throughout Europe – catch these local favorites before they head for distant shores.

– via Empty Bottle

Just finished a great collaboration between myself and Jeremiah Chiu from Plural using the photographs I documented for the (Con)Temporary Art Guide / Chicago. Part of the Bridgeport WPA poster collection: Version>09 Festival. The first in a series documenting the effect of the current economic crisis upon the arts community.

To see all the other posters made for this project, check out the exhibition this Thursday on the opening night of Version>09 Festival.

Thursday, April 23, 2009, 5pm – 10pm
Zhou B. Art Center
1029 W. 35th St.
Chicago, IL 60609

“The Bridgeport WPA is a cultural program that the federal government could instigate as part of their latest economic stimulus package. Inspired by Roosevelt’s New Deal cultural programs under the WPA (WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION) The Bridgeport WPA underscores the necessity for the support of artists and the idea of civic responsibility to the greater society. The projects unfold on the streets and on the walls of buildings in Bridgeport, the Community of the Future.

The accompanying exhibition, Bridgeport WPA Poster Project, examines work by artists who responded toour call for works! Silk-screened posters and maps to public works created for this project will be unveiled at the opening. Posters will be available for purchase and you can also find them throughout the neighbohood. Exhibition runs through May 2, 2009.”

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