Rebecca Cummins


I just returned from the the 46th The Society for Photographic Education (SPE) National Conference in Dallas, Texas and I am tired. Three full days (and nights) of lectures, discussions, portfolio reviews and networking is something that I look forward to every year and this year did not disappoint (except for the weather).

Some of the highlights included the panel discussion, Art in the House of Science lead by Rebecca Cummins with J.D. Talasak, Justine Cooper, and Pamela Winfrey. I had the privilege of having Rebecca Cummins as my professor the University of Washington in Seattle and she was the first to introduce me to the wonderful world of SPE. Her work explores the sculptural, experiential and sometimes humorous possibilities of light and natural phenomena, often referencing the history of science and optics. Her Solstice Lunch with Lee, Tate Modern, London, December 22, 2003 (shown above) is a personal favorite of mine since I am fortunate to own a copy. This image is part of a larger series where she traces the sun’s movement during a sitting onto a table cloth, turning the objects on the table into gnomons.

During the panel discussion Rebecca showed some of her more recent work including the series Shooting Stars (shown below). Rebecca asked famous glass artists to donate their work, then shot their glass pieces with a gun and photographed their destruction with a sound triggered flash that she borrowed from Harold Edgerton‘s son. Great work.


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  1. Steve Says:

    I always likeed this photo of Rebecca’s.

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