Bridgeport WPA Poster Project


As you explore the Version>09 Festival be sure to look out for the Bridgeport WPA poster collection posted around the area in unexpected locations. I just got back from the opening night and am looking forward to the next 9 days of fun.

Bridgeport WPA
Opening Thursday April 23rd, 5-10 pm
Zhou B. Center
1029 West 35th Street, Chicago, IL

The Audacity of Art
(Version 09: Immodest Proposals Group Show) / Happening
Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S Morgan St (Map)
7 pm – 2am
$7 and receive a copy of (Con)Temporary Art Guide Chicago
(or give $12 and you receive issue #004 of Proximity Magazine)

“The Audacity of Art Freed from contextual, budgetary or practical constraints, the overtures and projects in this exhibition reveal big plans, dream projects and immodest proposals through the creation of interactive installations, project documentation, models, sculpture and conceptual art.

This opening of the exhibition also features a live art performance program, music, our annual Korean Polish Bar B Q and the release of Proximity magazine issue 004 and the (Con)Temporary Art Guide Chicago. Come early for the Korean polish Bar B Q.

The exhibition runs through May 15, 2009 during Version events and by appointment. Contact Edmarlumpen(@)gmail to make an appointment.

The exhibition features work by : Michael T Rea, H. Mathis, Daan Sampson, Charles Vinz and Ilana Percher, Ken Camden, Thunderhorse, Benjamin Fumke, Tyler Burke, Chris Smith and Joseph Cornell, Jeremy Tubbs, Amanda Walters, Tom Burtonwood, Aron Gent, Beth Wiedner and Jim Duignan (the Stockyard Institute), Marissa Perel, Chelsea Culp, Ed Marszewski, Rachael Marszewski, Nat Ward, Cody Hudson, Nick Bahr, Kristina Schopper, Matthew Dunn, Eileen Cohen (Poof), Chris Harris, Shannon Beal, Ellen Schneiderman, Kristin Reger,Sara Weis, Shelter Corps, Cole Robertson, Molly Roth, Natasha Newman-Thomas and Ruth Guca, JT Rogstad, and others.”

– via

Be sure to pick up your copy of the (Con)Temporary Art Guide Chicago which is available at all the Version events. I picked up my copy last night and Plural really out did themselves with this publication.


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