The Audacity of Art


There was quite a turn out for last night’s festivities at Version>09. If you missed out on the fun there are still 8 more days of art filled events to see. This weekend’s main events take place at The Benton House complex. So get on down to Bridgeport and see what everyone is talking about.

The NFO XPO, Shelter Corps, & Free University
The Benton House complex, 3052 S Gratten Avenue (Map)
1pm to 8pm • $7 adults / $3 Children ($10/$5 for 2 day pass)

“Off a small public park in Bridgeport is a 100-year-old community center complex named the Benton House. It is there on Saturday and Sunday that Version kicks off an ambitious program that includes our annual art fair platform; the NFO XPO; a temporary structures project called Shelter Corps; The Free University; guided tours; and a guest exhibition curated by
Jeriah Hildwine.

Today’s program is massive. It opens early at the The Benton House complex and Gymnasium and ends late at the Co-Prosperity Sphere. In between and during these times and places is a fantastic parallel program coordinated and presented by Material Exchange at the Experimental Station and Back Story Cafe.”

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