Extremely Shorts 12 Film Festival


My video Moth, 2006 has made it into the Aurora Picture Show‘s Extremely Shorts 12 Film Festival in Houston Texas. If you happen to be in the area then be sure to check it out and do not forget to vote for your favorite film (hopefully mine).

This work continues my artistic interest in negotiating the transitional stages between life and death and the psychological state of mind these suspended moments create. In 2006, Casey, a close friend and relative, was deployed by the United States Air Force to Ballad, Iraq. He is currently on his second tour of duty. I began a collaborative project with Casey in order to move beyond simplistic representations of the American soldier. Through photography, video, and sound, I create multimedia installations that addressed his departure, deployment and homecoming. The Regular is a long-term project including several multimedia installations; Moth, 2006, is an excerpt of this work. This video pairs the soundtrack of an actual mortar attack on U.S. troops in Iraq with the image of a toy moth in Casey’s daughter’s bedroom. With every drop of a mortar the highlights of the video are blown out, syncing image and sound. Focusing on the effect of the current war on the domestic lives of Americans, I strive to engage the viewer in the discussion and debate that surrounds these important issues.

Extremely Shorts 12: Works 3 Minutes and Under
Saturday, June 27, 7 PM (screening)
Sunday, June 28, 5 PM (screening)
Sunday, June 28, 6 PM (backyard picnic and karaoke)
Location: Molly Gochman’s Studio
2442 Bartlett St. – Map

Screening admission: Free to members, $6 regular admission
Sunday’s Backyward Picnic: $10 for members, $12 regular admission
Purchase tickets here or for more information, visit www.aurorapictureshow.org or call 713-868-2101.

Aurora Picture Show, the Southwest’s premiere microcinema, returns with Aurora’s most popular annual event and the twelfth installment of the juried Extremely Shorts Festival. Culled from an international open call for entries, Extremely Shorts 12 features video and film works of three minutes or less. The annual competition brings to the forefront the latest in artist- made experimental, narrative, and avant-garde film. Each screening of selected works will be 60 minutes, and ballots will be distributed for audience choice with cash awards given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

Juror Bill Arning has more than twenty years experience in the arts. Recently named the Director of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Arning served as Curator of the MIT List Visual Arts Center, Boston, MA and previously as Director and Chief Curator at White Columns Alternative Arts Space in New York for over ten years.

This year’s program features: I am the Blueberry by Al Herrmann, Frog Jesus by Ben Peters, Killin’ It – Economic Crisis by Caroline Peters, The Isthmus of Kansas by Christopher M Cassidy, Galvest-Gone by David Purdie, Landscape Architect by Diana Estrada, A Confession by Erik Levine, GOAT by Gabriela Trzebinski, My Secret Love Affair with Matt Gonzalez by Gordon Winiemko, The Order by H. David Waddell, Window by Jeremy Newman, The Vase by Jeremy Newman, This is a type of freak show parthenogenesis! by Krista Hoelfe, “Gone” in 60 Seconds by Kristen Galvin, Spin by L Ashwyn Collins, The Catch by L Ashwyn Collins, This Is Not The Sun by Lili Chin, Just The Way You Are by Liz Rodda, Unknown Movie by Liz Rodda, Introducing: Cloud of Funk by Mark Walley & Angela Guerra, Hands by Michael Brims, Mouth by Michael Brims, Oscillating Fan by Rob Tyler, Pandemic Control by Robert Ziebell, 12 Flowers by Rosebud Petter & K. Markle, Moth by Shannon Benine, Ground Control by Sigfried Fruhauf, and Faces by Teresa A Bayer.


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