Burnham Pavilion – Lighting Program


The UNStudio Burnham Pavilion

The UNStudio Burnham Pavilion

Interactive Lighting Program developed by Studio Daniel Sauter for the Burnham Centennial Pavilion, designed by UNStudio. Light design implemented in collaboration with Tracey Dear, Dear Productions. Assistance: Alejandro Borsani.

The sculptural UNStudio pavilion is highly accessible and functions as an urban activator. Framed by Lake Michigan on one side and Michigan Avenue on the other, it relates to diverse city-contexts and scales. The edges of the roof are parallel, but toward the center there is more complexity in the form.

At night, UNStudio’s pavilion becomes a responsive architecture with LED lights that change color and pattern. These lights will be in constant flux as the number of visitors to the pavilion changes. Programmatically the pavilion invites people to gather, walk around and through the space—to explore and observe. It’s sculptural form and reactive lights will spark curiosity and wonder in its visitors.

The Burnham Pavilions will be open and free to the public in Millennium Park from June 19 through October 31, 2009.

– via Burnham Plan Centennial


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