Plural turns 1


Come celebrate with Plural Design,
Friday July 2009
all night at The Whistler
2421 N Milwaukee Ave

In conjunction with the Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival,

They will be opening their new installation in The Whistler’s storefront window :

Plural’s site-specific interactive installation is a visual metaphor of The Whistler, consisting of two parts:
– a catalog / inventory of all the objects in the bar to be displayed in the front window
– an interactive light installation that will output different colors based on the average volume of the sound in the bar.

Over the course of the night, the color will fluctuate, allowing passerby’s to see how active the bar is.


Check out David Lynch’s latest project at, a 70 day road trip across the United States interviewing 121 people about their lives. There is a new episode every 3 days.



No happy ending for Saudi film festival

By Roger Hardy
BBC Middle East analyst

Directors, writers and cinema buffs had arrived in Jeddah for what had been billed as a week-long festival of films from Saudi Arabia and neighboring states.

The festival was due to begin on Saturday. But an hour before midnight on Friday the organizers were told by the Jeddah municipality to cancel it.

The only official explanation was that the event had not been sufficiently prepared.

But it is widely believed the ban is the latest victory for religious conservatives, who regard cinema as a form of Western moral pollution.

Jeddah – the Red Sea city which is also the Saudi business hub – has long been more liberal and open than the desert capital, Riyadh.

Its film festival started in 2006, as a conscious attempt by Saudi liberals to push the boundaries of cultural freedom.

– via BBC NEWS (read the full story)


MADRID (AFP) – A Spanish Civil War photo by Robert Capa that shows a Republican soldier at the apparent moment he was fatally hit in the back by a bullet was in fact staged, a Spanish newspaper claimed on Friday.

“Capa photographed his soldier at a location where there was no fighting,” wrote Barcelona-based newspaper El Periodico which carried out a study of the photograph taken in September 1936, the third month of the war.

The so-called “falling soldier” photo was not taken near Cerro Muriano in the southern Andalusia region, as has long been claimed, but about 50 kilometres (30 miles) away near the town of Espejo, the newspaper said.

– via Yahoo News (read the full story)

Simon Faithfull


Thinking about Simon Faithfull‘s Fake Moon, 2008.

Fake Moon 2008, Bigchill Festival

Brian Ulrich


Brian Ulrich

My friend and colleague, Brian Ulrich has a new website with great new work and a new way to view photographs on the web. Nicely done Plural.

Saturday, July 18, 6pm – until it ends.


Swan Lake With A Happy Ending: Program Work For An American Garage (282 bars)

Irena Knezevic @ Vega Estates
723 w 16th Street
16th & Halsted in Pilsen