HSDC Collaborates with the Art Institute of Chicago


Dancers Kellie Epperheimer, Alejandro Piris-Nino, and Kevin Shannon. © Todd Rosenberg Photography

The Art Institute of Chicago is pleased to announce the yearlong residency of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. View more photos online on their Flickr page.

Visual art and dance both offer a feast for the eyes and a creative treat for the imagination. This season, HSDC expands its partnerships with Chicago arts institutions, embarking upon a season-long series of events with the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) that culminates with the annual “Inside/Out” Choreographic Workshop on site at the AIC.

“Being inspired and collaborating with our neighboring institutions and their art is an exciting and important component of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago,” said Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton. “The AIC staff has been incredibly generous. Working closely with Mary Sue Glosser [AIC creative director, lectures and performance programs] has been inspiring, and HSDC values this relationship greatly. Melding the tremendous visual art of the AIC with our art form, contemporary dance, is a wonderful fusion of creativity, bringing a richer experience from both our worlds.”

Here is a lineup of events for the season-long collaboration:

* September 24, 6 p.m.: “In Search of Modern,” which brings dance, art and theatre together with actors from the Goodman Theatre reading from a script and HSDC dancers responding to the text through structured improvisation, all focusing on innovative French modern art and other works

* October 29, 6 p.m.: “HSDC Installed,” when dancers from Hubbard Street 2 (HS2) enliven Griffin Court with a program inspired by works in the museum’s collection
* November 27, 11 a.m.: “HSDC Installed,” featuring dancers participating in the annual pre-holiday wreathing of the lions

* January 21, 6 p.m.: “HSDC in the Collection,” a gallery walk led by the AIC’s Mary Sue Glosser and a member of HSDC’s artistic staff

* February 20, 11 a.m.: “HSDC Installed,” with dancers from HS2 sharing work they are creating with National Choreographic Competition winner Jonathan Fredrickson

* March 18, 6 p.m.: “HSDC in Dialogue,” HSDC designers and other artistic staff members talk with Mary Sue Glosser about the process of designing a visual environment for dance, immediately followed by the opening night performance of HSDC’s 2010 Spring Series

* June 3, 6 p.m.: “HSDC in Dialogue,” a sneak preview of works scheduled for HSDC’s 2010 Summer Series, featuring discussion and possible demonstration with HSDC dancers, artistic staff members and Mary Sue Glosser, immediately followed by the opening night performance of HSDC’s 2010 Summer Series

Showcasing work created throughout the year’s residency is the “Inside/Out” Choreographic Workshop, HSDC’s annual period of creativity for the company’s dancers to explore choreography and related pursuits offstage. This year, “Inside/Out” will encompass 10 to 12 separate dance installations in the AIC galleries taking place on one evening—June 17 at 6 p.m.—as well as approximately 30 rehearsals throughout the residency, concentrated most between June 8 and 17.

In addition to these planned events, there will be a variety of unscheduled, unannounced appearances throughout the year, including rehearsals and impromptu performances. So keep your eyes open if you’re visiting the Art Institute—you never know who might be dancing with Degas around the corner!

– via Hubbard Street Dance Chicago


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