Robert Mirabal: Traditional Minds, Modern Lives


Running Alone in Photographs

Robert Mirabal: Traditional Minds, Modern Lives
October 1, 6:00-7:30 pm
Rubloff Auditorium, The Art Institute of Chicago
280 S. Columbus Drive

Two-time Grammy winner Robert Mirabal presents music and a spoken-word performance from his new novel Running Alone in Photographs.

Mirabal’s music is a mix of Native roots, rock, jazz and electronica, the artistic strategy of a Native American who holds onto his tribal roots even as he embraces modern rock. He still lives in the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico, where he grew up listening to traditional American Indian music around the house and rock & roll on the radio.

Mirabal weaves ancient and contemporary music in a thoroughly original way. Described as a Native American “Renaissance man,” master flute maker (his flutes are world renowned and have been displayed at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of the American Indian), composer, painter, craftsman, poet, actor, screenwriter, horseman and farmer, Robert travels extensively and plays his music all over the world.


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