FF Badgerland


Some of my past students have work in the upcoming show at Swimming Pool Projects.

FF Badgerland

FF Badgerland
Saturday, October 3 from 6-9 pm
Swimming Pool Project Space
2858 W. Montrose

Observe the badger as it emerges from its burrow, climbing to the surface with the remainder of its clan not far behind. This sly, resourceful creature responds to any threat with an aggression subverted by its almost intolerable cuteness. We invite you to
inspect the evidence of their natural habitat, to excavate the underground activities unnoticed by those living above the surface.

The artists in this exhibition adapted to the unfamiliar landscape of Prague by digging their own subterranean world, a communal, sovereign invention: Badgerland.

The artists are:
Dragana Babic (photographs)
Chloe Cheau (painting)
Elise Goldstein (installation)
Slade Kaufman (painting)
Jamie Kim (painting)
David Matson (photographs and video)
Erik Matson (video and sound piece)
Allison Moore (video)
Karina Natis (photographs and video)
Clare O’Sadnick (photographs)
Eli Skipp (spoken word performance)
Kate Smith-Morse (installation)
Jaroslaw Studencki (photographic book)


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