Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics


Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics
Temporary Services and a variety of collaborators
January 26th – March 6th 2010
Reception: Wednesday, January 27th, 5-8 pm
Gallery 400 at UIC
400 S. Peoria Street

Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics, is a newspaper and website ( that consists of writings and images from artists, activists, writers, critics, and others on the topic of working within depressed economies and how that impacts artistic process, compensation and artistic property. The independently published newspaper is distributed throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

The exhibition features a display of the newspaper, a distribution site for the Chicago area, related materials and multiple lectures and workshops and events related to economic sustainability. (See below listing for events.)

The 40-page newspaper features the writings, images, and work of Julia Bryan-Wilson, Holland Cotter, Tim Kerr, Nance Klehm, Harrell Fletcher, Futurefarmers, Robin Hewlett, Nicolas Lampert, Lize Mogel, Dan S. Wang, Gregory Sholette, Dylan A.T. Miner, Christina Ulke and Marc Herbst of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, OurGoods, Chris Burden, Scott Berzofsky, John Duda, InCUBATE, Linda Frye Burnham, ILSSA, Cooley Windsor, Brian Holmes, Nick Tobier, Lolita Hernandez, Stacy Malasky, Nate Mullen, Aaron Timlin, Harold Jefferies, W&N, Damon Rich, Teaching Artist Union, FEAST, 16 Beaver Group, W.A.G.E., Chris Kennedy, Nato Thompson, Carolina Caycedo, Guerrilla Art Action Group, Anthony Elms, Adam Trowbridge, Jessica Westbrook, and many other artists, art workers, curators, interns, volunteers, writers, and activists. Check out for more writing, images, and ideas that didnÕt make the print edition. There are places there to share your thoughts and ideas and connect with other artists, teachers, students, arts administrators, curators, preparators, and interns.

Temporary Services is Brett Bloom, Salem Collo-Julin and Marc Fischer. The group is based in Illinois and has existed, with several changes in membership and structure, since 1998. Temporary Services has produced exhibitions, events, projects, and publications worldwide in both institutions and public spaces. In 2008 Temporary Services initiated Half Letter Press, a publishing imprint and an experimental online store.

The Free Store
Melinda Fries, Salem Collo-Julin, and Biggest Fags Ever (Zena Sakowski & Rob Kelly)
January 26th – March 6th 2010
Reception: Wednesday, January 27th, 5-8 pm

The Free Store is a nomadic, temporary free store that irregularly visits a variety of Chicagoland neighborhoods. The Free Store, open during all gallery hours, invites you to be involved: come to the store, bring stuff you want to give away, and take stuff that you want. There is no restriction on what you can take; you don’t have to trade or barter. Just take it.

The Free Store takes as inspiration the long-running gift-economy tradition of swap shops, free shops and other similarly named initiatives where materials and services are offered free of charge. Free stores had a brief heyday in the U.S. during the late sixties, with perhaps the most famous example being the free store run by the radical theater/community-action group the Diggers in the San Francisco Bay area. For links to recent examples of free shops visit The Free Store website:

The Free Store will be open for business during all related events (see below listing).

To be successful, WE NEED YOUR ITEMS OR SERVICES. Items can be dropped off at Gallery 400 during open hours. The Free Store organizers are always happy to accept donations (everything except for people, animals, and illegal/toxic substances).

Contact The Free Store directly: or 773-562-1428.

Related Events for Art Work & The Free Store:

Art Work introduction & discussion by Temporary Services
Saturday, January 30, 6-8 pm

Workers from The Greenhouses of Hope at the Pacific Garden Mission discuss closing the loop
Saturday, February 6, 2-5 pm

Nicolas Lampert lecture on artists unions
Monday, February 15, 6-8 pm

FAIR: two-day local maker and publisher fair (with multiple presentations TBA)
Friday, February 26 and Saturday, February 27 12Ð6 pm

Drawing with Harold Jeffries event and screening of the documentary “You’re Gonna Miss Me”
Friday, March 5, 2-6 pm (screening at 4 pm)

Brian Holmes lecture and Half Letter Press event
Saturday March 6, 6-8 pm

Last Day Blowout at The Free Store with plenty of surprises
Saturday, March 6. 12-8 pm


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