(Con)Temporary Art Space: Grand Opening


An Evening With Your (Con)Temporaries
Grand Opening: February 18, from 4:30p – 8:30pm
(Con)Temporary Art Space
208 S Wabash, Chicago Il 60603

A group show of work by the founding members of C-TAS:
Douglas Burns, Tom Burtonwood, Emily Clayton, Theodore Darst, Josh Finck, Marian Frost, Elizabeth Furani, Laurra Hieber, Serena Himmelfarb, Holly Holmes, Henry James Glover, Nate Lee, Sarah Loude, Ed Marszewski, Rachael Marszewski, Tim Mellon, Andrew Rigsby, Chris Roberson, Kevin Stanton, & Kenneth Zawacki

The The (Con)Temporary Art Space is open daily from 11:30 – 5:30pm. (except Mondays)

“A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity to work with the Chicago Loop Alliance, a chamber of commerce-like organization that serves the downtown loop area merchants. They started their Pop-Up Art Loop gallery project and gave us the old Ritz Camera store to engage with a project.

We are opening a new joint project with our friends and collaborators called The (Con)Temporary Art Space this Tuesday. It’s located at 208 S Wabash. It will be open Tuesday through Sunday 11:30am to 5:30 pm and later on Thursday.

Here’s the brief mission statement:
The (Con)Temporary Art Space, due to open February 16th, 2010, will be an avenue for discussion, research and action. The former retail space will be used as a working studio by cultural workers, producers, artists and designers for projects they are working on collectively and individually. The Public will be able to absorb these presentations as well as share their ideas about contemporary art. The (Con)Temporary Art Space will function as a information center and a place to learn about Chicago’s diverse art ecology.
Read more about the space’s mission here.

We are opening up a shop to sell what we think are the best artist publications around. There is also a co-working space/studio, a reading lounge, and the (An)Other Chicago Mapping project. Every Thursday night we will feature a new exhibition and opening showing work by various groups, spaces and individuals that represent the variety of Chicago’s art worlds.

Why don’t you join us Thursday, February 18 4:30pm to 8:30pm for our grand opening and inaugural exhibition showing work by the founding members? Stop by and find out how you can have a show in our Display Case Gallery or participate in the space, or help us create a collaborative map of the city’s Other Culture. If you put out a publication or zine, bring that to us for us to consign and sell!”

– via Proximity Magazine


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