click! photography changes everything


I first learned of this great online project produced by the Smithsonian Photography Initiative, from Marvin Heiferman last year at SPE while it was being developed. It is now live so check it out.

click! photography changes everything ( is a provocative rethinking of photography’s cultural impact that invites site visitors to explore the many ways photographic images enable us to visualize, comprehend, and interact with the world we live in.

click! features approximately 100 readable and informative short texts about the power of photography, written by an eclectic range of project contributors: educators, writers, inventors, artists, public figures, and selected visitors to the website. The subject matter is diverse, too; click! is organized thematically and explores how photography changes who we are, where we go, what we see, what we want, what we do, and what we will remember. Each of the short texts published is illustrated with images chosen by project contributors and related images selected from the Smithsonian’s vast collection of over 13 million images.

As digital technology is altering the form, content, and transmission of camera imagery, click! photography changes everything provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the history, practice, and power of photography. As we’ve learned from educators already using click! in their classrooms, the project provides new content and fresh perspectives and encourages site visitors to explore the role photographic images play as active agents of change in the sciences, social sciences, the arts and humanities, and in our everyday lives.

– via Marvin Heiferman, Curator, click! photography changes everything, Smithsonian Photography Initiative


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