Matt Siber


Matt Siber
Opening: Friday, January 21, 2011, 7-11pm
Johalla Projects
1561 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago / Illinois

Johalla Projects, in conjunction with the ACRE residency program, is excited to present new and unexhibited photographs, videos and three dimensional objects by Matt Siber. Known for his Untitled Project and Floating Logos, he is continuing his exploration of commercial signage, underscoring how it infiltrates environments, subliminally penetrating psyches with simulacra that both mirrors our culture and delivers transparent messages. His recent project Pulse meditates on the relationship between the camera’s gaze and the automated sign. Giving way to chance, Siber records what he refers to as “urban rhythms” with film and video in various locations in Spain, France and China. This exhibition also marks Siber’s first showing featuring sculpture; like his photographs, these conceptual works deconstruct the semiotics of advertising, branding and desire and, in the tradition of Minimalism, exist as objects of aesthetic pleasure.


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