3 Screenings: Date with Deceit


Backspace is proud to present the final screening in our 3 Screenings program!

3 Screenings: Date with Deceit
Film + Video screening curated by Eric Fleischauer and Jesse McLean
Saturday / June 4 / 7:30 – 9:00pm / This event is free!

Featuring: Steve Reinke, Seth Price, Joe Nanashe, Eileen Maxson, Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG, Nick Harvey, Artie Vierkant, Oliver Laric, Joseph Lim and Hennessy Youngman

What was once Mere Mystery has become visible by an Eruption of activity and engagement. Technology has helped to narrow the division between the passive audience and the unseen artist. Users have embraced the reposting and repurposing of an abundance of media, and many have seized this opportunity to make a critical transition from viewer to curator or artist.  With aid of technology we can observe the world around us and use it’s tools to enact our own hidden fantasies. But are we happier now that we have increased access to information and to each other, even if this other is a digital projection of our imagined selves? What are we embracing and is this a deceptive relationship? Date with Deceit, the third and final screening program in this series, explores the realm and implications of information accessibility both IRL and online.

This collection of screenings is a curatorial project that was prompted by Chicago’s Green Lantern Gallery’s programming-based exploration into various forms of social ecology. Here, Eric Fleischauer and Jesse McLean have curated a series of three film and video screenings that follow a similar line of inquiry to investigate how artists have used the moving image to investigate both physical and the metaphysical environments and how we see and relate to one another, often with aid of media. The programs presented aim to identify and organize boundaries within the field that are being constantly renegotiated by artists working with moving images.

606 (Rear) W Main St / Peoria / IL
(in the back of 600 West Main Street)

Gallery hours / by appointment only
Contact / wearebackspace.org


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