SPE Student Scholarship Opportunities


Society for Photographic Education student members can apply for scholarships to offset the cost of attending SPE’s 2012 SPE National Conference in San Francisco March 22-25, 2012. All awards include a 2012 national conference fee waiver and a one-year membership to SPE.

SPE Awards
Ten SPE Awards are offered and feature a $500 travel stipend to attend the national conference.

The SPE Award for Innovations in Imaging in Honor of Jeannie Pearce
The SPE Award for Innovations in Imaging, in honor of Jeannie Pearce is open to all eligible students working primarily with digital technology and is designated for work only possible because of emerging digital technologies-no alternative processes or gelatin silver prints. A project description describing how the work is possible as a result of emerging digital technologies is required as part of the submission process. Jurors will seek to award work that demonstrates the most innovative, unique, and freshest uses of digital technologies.

The Freestyle Crystal Apple Award for Outstanding Achievement in Black and White Photography
The Freestyle Crystal Apple Award for Outstanding Achievement in Black and White Photography is generously sponsored by Freestyle Photographic Supplies. Freestyle’s goal in offering this award is to provide greater support for students working in traditional black and white silver imaging and alternative processes. One student will be awarded a $5,000 cash prize. The sponsoring faculty member will be presented with an engraved crystal apple. SPE provides a 2012 national conference fee waiver, and a one-year membership to SPE for both faculty and student. Please note: sponsoring faculty must teach at the institution where the student is currently enrolled. All light-sensitive processes, including alternative processes (Van Dyke brown, platinum, albumen, gum bichromate, cyanotype, kallitype, salt, liquid emulsion, lith printing, hand coloring, bromoil, modern day tintype, etc.) are eligible for this award as long as the end product is a gelatin silver or handmade alternative process print. No digital prints accepted.

This year’s jurors are SPE national board members serving on the Awards and Recognition Committee: Christina Z. Anderson (chair), Sama Alshaibi, and Liz Wells.

Download the Student Scholarship Opportunities pdf for full guidelines and instructions on how to submit online.

November 1, 2011 @ 11:59 pm EST

SPE Insight Award (for professional level members of SPE)
The Society for Photographic Education announces the SPE Insight Award to recognize achievements of significant distinction made by individuals to the photographic education field.
Measured from when careers first begin to days when standing ovations erupt spontaneously in lecture halls, SPE’s Insight Award symbolizes the realization of a national or international career or the launching of future endeavors to new challenges, ideas, and horizons.Photographers (in the broadest sense of the word today), as well as scholars, curators, writers, and visionaries –be their achievements rapid fire or accumulated over time– are eligible for the Society’s newest mark of recognition and distinction.The SPE Insight Award is an honorary designation without monetary stipend granted annually to up to five members. “Member” is defined by five years of cumulative membership. The Insight Award recipient shall demonstrate excellence in two or more of the following ways:

  • Innovative teaching
  • Sustained mentoring of colleagues or students
  • Broad contribution to technical, critical, pedagogical, or visual aspects of the field
  • Breadth or depth of exhibition or publication
  • Sustained presence in the field.

The designation will be conferred with the calendar year (e.g. 2011 SPE Insight Award) in which it is awarded. The honor carries no end date, and anyone so honored will be included in all subsequent lists of Insight Awardees.

The National Office will confirm eligibility of candidates and prepare a ballot for those that fit the criteria to forward to the National Board. The Board will conduct a vote. Recipients will be announced at the yearly conference. Attendance is not a requirement to receive the award, though winners will be informed of the honor in advance.

Members of the organization’s Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated during their tenure on the Board but may nominate or provide support letters. Members of the Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) may not nominate nor provide material support.

Insight Award Nomination Procedure
The selection process for the Insight Award:

  • A candidate must be nominated by aprofessional member of the Society using the official Insight Nomination Form.
  • A candidate must be an SPE member for at least 5 cumulative years.
  • No member may nominate more than one member a year.
  • Nominations are accepted year-round, but July 1st @ 5PM eastern time is the cut off for the following yearʼs award. IN AN EFFORT TO LAUNCH THIS NEW AWARD IN TIME FOR ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE 2012 NATIONAL CONFERENCE, THE DEADLINE WILL BE SEPTEMBER 30 AT 5PM FOR THE INAUGURAL YEAR ONLY.
  • The National Office confirms eligibility of all nominators, nominees and determine that the nominations are accurate and complete. The National Office will in turn prepare a ballot and distribute it with supporting nominations to National Board members for an electronic vote.
  • Board members will be ask to cast a vote for up to four candidates, depending on the quantity of nominations.
  • Up to five winners will be selected each year.
  • The five names receiving the most votes will be selected. If there are tie votes, those within the top five will be selected, but if the winner in fifth place is tied, there will be a run off vote to break the tie for the fifth winner.

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